Well hey there,

"Strong and Well-Fed" is the lifestyle and brand I wish I had growing up - because I spent so many years starving myself, trying to shrink my body, and obsessing over how I looked ... as if my appearance was the only thing I had to offer to the world.

At Paragon Training Methods, we believe: that love is love. That color belongs in fitness. That all bodies are good bodies. That the way you eat/exercise should provide freedom and peace of mind. That if you workout, you are an athlete. That strong, confident, and well-fed looks good on everybody and every body. And that if you workout, you are an athlete.


In an industry that profits off our insecurities and self doubt, we promise to keep doubling down on helping you learn to take up space + love yourself (in a world that tells you to do anything but).

Thank you for being here and being part of the movement of helping people love themselves and no longer be at war with their body

🖤 Laurie Christine King (LCK) - she/her

StrongxWell-Fed® // Paragon Training Methods Founder®